Why is the museum remodelling its entrance pavilion?

The Dutch Open Air Museum is working hard on the Canon of Dutch History exhibition. This is why, at this moment, the entrance building is undergoing an internal transformation. The basement with the dome and the exhibition rooms is being prepared for the Canon of Dutch History exhibition. In addition there will be a new welcoming reception with a cosy grand café and an inviting museum shop.

How long will the remodelling take?

Until the summer season of 2017 we will welcome you in a temporary entrance building with a museum shop, an information desk and bathroom facilities.

For a cup of coffee of tea, we would like to point you to the Poffertjeskraam in the Zaanse Buurt (circa 300 meters). Another option is to take the historic tram to Stop C where you can enjoy a drink in the nostalgic café de Viersprong or Herberg de Hanekamp.

When is the opening of the Canon of Dutch History exhibition?

The impressive Canon of Dutch History exhibition will open in the summer of 2017 in the Dutch Open Air Museum. Fifty important people, creations and events will show you how the Netherlands became the country we live in today.

Today you can already see a few presentations within the museum park which show us how the history of our daily life is connected to the great events of the past. The list below shows which Canon presentations you can already visit in the museum in 2015.

The First World War – Café/Boerderij Budel (75)
Slavery – Koopmanswoning (30)
The Dutch East India Company – Hindelooper pronkkamer (67)
Statenbijbel (the Dutch translation of the bible) – Zeeuwse Kerk (71)

Realised in 2014
The 1953 flood disaster – Noorse watersnoodwoning (72)
Energy from Dutch soil  - Jaknikker (60)
Child labour – Zuivelfabriek Freia (52)