Historic harvesting weekend

Historic harvesting weekend

Lend a hand during our historic harvesting weekend

The grain has been harvested and the cart decorated. This shows the local community that the farmer has brought in the last sheaves from the fields. However, the work is far from over. Come and see how the harvest is processed at the Open Air Museum during our harvesting weekend on 20 and 21 August. Adults and children can also get involved and lend a hand.

During our harvesting weekend stories and demonstrations will give meaning to forgotten words such as winnowing, whetting, retting and rippling and there will be lively musical performances. Manual threshing will be carried out using a flail and threshing stick and there will be demonstrations of the use of a threshing roll. The farmer's wife from Varik will cook a hearty soup for the labourers and visitors will be able to sample it too.

The development of threshing

In 2015 the Friends of the Open Air Museum donated a threshing roll. This means that all the different steps in the development of the threshing process can now be seen: manual threshing using a flail, threshing with the help of a threshing roll and horse and, lastly, mechanical threshing.