Our pride: 't Goeye Goet

The Netherlands Open Air Museum is full of activity. Beer is being brewed, paper is being made, bread is being baked and much more. The smells, colors and tastes of our past memories brings everyone up. You can also buy the products which are made in the museum and take them home. Under our own brand 't Goeye Goet is a range of craft products for sale in the museum shop and at a number of locations in the park. Great as a gift for those at home, or to enjoy after enjoying a wonderful day.


In the last beer brewery De Roskam brewer Henri Nooren brewed beer, especially brown beer, until the twenties of the last century. In the Netherlands Open Air Museum you can see the old brewhouse. On a small scale is the museum brewing there own fine beer. For the 100th anniversary of the Netherlands Open Air Museum, a special anniversary beer is being brewed. With a little luck you will find the brewer himself, who likes to talk about the golden brew. Under the name of 't Goeye Goet you can purchase the different beers and their glasses.

Museum shop

In our museum shop you can enjoy browsing. You will find interesting books, delicious local products.

The shop is open from 11:00 to 17:30 hours. You don't need a ticket to the museum to visit the shop. We accept ATM / Visa / American Express / Mastercard / Maestro and cash. For orders or inquiries telephone number 026-3576140 or send an email to Commercie-Entree-Winkel@openluchtmuseum.nl.

Zus en Jet

In the shop Zus and Jet almost everything is for sale, from spinning tops to Ox gall soap and Arnhem balls to candy canes. The shop is a museum itself!


From a distance you will smell the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread from the bakery. The baker uses the old baker's oven-fired fagots.

Photo Salon

Let yourself be immortalized in the style of around 1910 in pictures salon Wijdemans & Frère.